Sonic Generations
The teaser for Sonic Generations showcasing Classic and Modern Sonic running through a pale Green Hill Zone at the same time


Takashi Iikuza

Development Team(s)

Sonic Team

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Xbox 360; PlayStation 3

From the start of 2011, Sega had left hints of a game releasing for Sonic's 20th anniversary. On April 7th, Sega released the very first trailer of Sonic generations, showing Classic and Modern Sonic to be racing through a bleached Green Hill Zone. This was later explained in an interview with Takashi Iizuka (the current leader of Sonic Team) to be the work of a new mysterious villain who sent Modern Sonic back in time to relive his history, only this time missing color.


In an interview on G4's Xplay, the game was revealed to take the very best levels from Sonic's history, derived from earlier player polls, in anywhere from the Genesis era, Dreamcast era, or Modern era. Only Green Hill Zone has been confirmed so far, but in February, Tony Harnell (a lead singer with Crush 40 occasionally) revealed that he had been working with Crush 40 again, recording a new version of Escape from the City. It is a very safe assumption that City Escape can be expected to be seen in future trailers.
Green Hill Boost

In full HD, Sonic blasts through Green Hill Zone, similarly to the gameplay style from Sonic Unleashed

Release date

The game does not release until holiday, 2011, not the expected June 23, 2011.