Sonic had had a lot of voice actors since the late 90's. His first voice heard was that of Jaleel White, and his first game voice was heard in Sonic CD, although the voice in this game is simply a couple of voice clips recorded by the Japanese Sonic cartoons voice actor at the time. Since 1999's' Sonic Adventure, voice actors have been a major part of the franchise - and, arguably, the fanbase's main point of reception for modern Sonic games.

Jaleel WhiteEdit

First voiced Sonic from Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog and continued to Sonic underground. He had no roles in games. More recently, Eddie Lebronn announced that Jaleel would be voicing Sonic in his CGI fan film.

Ryan DrummondEdit

Ryan first starred in Sonic Adventure, and continued to Sonic Heroes. Ryan was loved by many Sonic fans, and respectively the role model to modern Sonic voice actors, due to his affect on the series. The only critism for Ryan can be found in Sonic Heroes, where he was deemed to 'whiny', and sounded 'like he was stoned'.

Jason GriffithEdit

First starring in Sonic X, fans were more critical of Jason. However, Sonic and the Secret Rings was notably the game where fans adapted and started to enjoy his voice acting. This split the fanbase in two; and by the time Sonic Unleashed was released (where Jason sounded notably good), flames and trolls were constantly going on at each other over which was the better actor. Jason Griffith's contract with Sega had ran out by 2010, so his last Sonic game was Sonic and the Black Knight (2009).

Roger Craig SmithEdit

Fans liked the fact that Roger Craig Smith was voicing Sonic at first, due to the 'epic characters' he acted. The first time his voice was heard was when Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Retro and The Sonic Stadium uploaded an exlcusive video clip from Sonic Colours. Many fans like him, but the fans have not reacted that much to him. His first game in voice acting was Sonic Free Riders, immediately followed by Sonic Colours.